Opening Song: If You Want to Hear a Story

Read-aloud #1: The Most Wonderful Egg in the World by Helme Heine OR Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker OR Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss (I cut out most of the fingerplays and flannels for the older group that I read Green Eggs and Ham to…)
*Fingerplay: Ten Fluffy Chicks
Read-aloud #2: Roly-Poly Egg by Kali Stileman OR Whose Chick are You? by Nancy Tafuri
Song (with motions and giant prop egg and bird): The Green Grass Grew All Around
Fingerplay: Blackbirds
(Fingerplay: Where is Thumbkin?)
Read-aloud #3: Eggs 1-2-3 by Janet Halfman OR That’s Mine! by Michel Van Zeveren
Flannel: Whose Baby am I? by John Butler (Template)
Flannel: This Little Chick
Fingerplay: Open, Shut Them
(Fingerplay: If You’re Wearing Red Today)
Read-aloud #4: The Easter Bunny’s Assistant by Jan Thomas
(“Dancing” Song (with shakers!): “I Know a Chicken” from Laurie Berkner’s Whaddaya Think of That?)

Closing Song: We Wave Good-bye Like This

*Ten Fluffy Chicks
Five eggs (hold up 5 fingers)
And five eggs (hold up 5 more fingers)
That makes ten
Sitting on top is the mother hen (lock fingers, knuckles up)
Crack, crack, crack, what do I see? (wiggle fingers apart)
Ten baby chicks as yellow as can be (hold up 10 fingers)

2 thoughts to “Egg-cellent!”

  1. What about patrons who do not celebrate Easter? I am hesitant to present any sort of Easter themed storytime as about 1/2 of my patrons in attendance of Asian descent and are probably not Christian (and clearly several aren’t as they come in wearing religious attire such as a hijab or they have a bindi which is a sign of their hinduism). I just feel like it’s not very culturally sensitive to present an “Easter” storytime.

    1. I see where you’re coming from. It really is about specific communities… and it does sound like it’d be best to stay away from holiday-themed storytimes in your community. I’ve worked at other libraries where I felt it best to avoid holidays. And, actually, for my “Easter” storytimes, I usually do a bunny-, or spring-, or garden- themed storytime that doesn’t really have to do with the holiday. This time, I did an “egg” storytime and with the exception of one book at the very end (that I could have easily left out, but it was a funny non-religious story that had more to do with a stinky skunk than Easter), none of the stories or songs or flannels had to do with Easter. There are just a lot of great storytime books about eggs! I certainly don’t mean to offend.

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