Halloweensie Contest 2021

One of my FAVORITE kidlit writing challenges is Susanna Leonard Hill’s annual Halloweensie contest. This year’s challenge: write a Halloween story for children in 100 words or less using some form of the words glow-in-the-dark, goosebumps, and goodies. I haven’t been writing as much lately, but I couldn’t resist participating!


THE WITCH’S MISTAKE by Jennifer Kaap

OH, GOODY, my first victim! Goosebumps prickle my warty body.
At last I will turn these horrid children into delightfully frightful black cats!! 
It was an easy potion: dog tears, firefly butts, swamp mud, and a fingernail of salt. Looks just like king-sized chocolate bars! 
Yes, they all come running now. Greedy goblins! 
I stifle a cackle and wait…
But instead of feline screeches and yowls, I hear…
“Woah! Check us out! We glow-in-the-dark! Best. Halloween. EVERRRRRR!!!”
OH, BOO! I can’t believe I mixed up the sugar and salt again. Worst. Halloween. Ever.