Rhyme Time for Littles Videos

Oh, wow, it’s been a while! How has everyone been?

I’m on another library/storytime hiatus… and I miss storytime sooooo much! I was able to work from home the first couple of months of the pandemic. I enjoyed making little videos for my library. Due to copyright, I’m no longer posting the links to most of my read-aloud videos on this website; but I am posting my Action Songs and Fingerplay Series links below! These are some of my favorites to share with littles and their families, so I hope you enjoy 🙂

Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I had to leave my library last summer… but I’m hoping new and fun and exciting and challenging opportunities will soon head my way. Best Wishes to all, and Happy Storytiming!

Rhyme Time for Littles: Action Songs and Fingerplays Series: