All About Love Pajama Time

This week, we had a “love”-ly pajama storytime to prepare ourselves for Valentine’s Day!

Entrance Music: A Father’s Love: Golden Slumbers
Opening Song: If you Want to Hear a Story
Flannel: The Little Cockroach Martina (from The Flannel Storytelling Book by Judy Sierra)
Song: Tony Chestnut
Book: The Frog Prince by Susanna Davidson
Song: Five Green and Speckled Frogs
Book: Snog the Frog by Tony Bonning
Song (with flannels): Barnyard Gate [version available on Ed McCurdy: Children’s Songs: the Greatest Hits (I Had a Little Rooster)]
Book: No More Kissing! by Emma Chichester Clark
Song: Will You Be My Valentine?

A Kiss For Little Bear (32 minutes)

Will You Be My Valentine?
(Sing this to the tune of “The Muffin Man”)
Oh, will you be my valentine?
My valentine? My valentine?
Oh, will you be my valentine?
And love me every day?
Oh, yes, I’ll be your valentine,
Your valentine, your valentine.
Oh, yes, I’ll be your valentine,
And love you every day.

Let it Snow! in the Winter

HO HO HO– I hope that everyone is having a great holiday season! I’ve started doing some monthly pajama family storytimes over at Buena Vista. This month, I did some winter stories. It was a delight to see families cuddled up in their pjs enjoying the stories and singing Christmas songs. Tomorrow, Buena Vista is holding a special holiday storytime at 10 am… I will be making a special appearance there (along with SANTA CLAUS!).

Entrance Music: Hap Palmer: Holiday Magic
Opening Song: If you Want to Hear a Story
Book: Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London
Song: If You’re Wearing Red Today
Book: Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing by Judi Barrett
Book (Sung): Frosty the Snowman by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins, version illustrated by Richard Cowdrey
Book: Snowmen at Night by Carolyn Buehner
Song: Raffi’s Christmas Album (Jingle Bells)
Storytelling: The Mitten
Closing Song: We Wave Goodbye

Disney’s Sing Along Songs: Very Merry Christmas Songs (approx. 30 minutes)

Even More Chicken Stories

I am going through storytime withdrawal during our summer break. Lucky for me, I was able to visit Bright Horizons this week to share stories with their preschool and school age children. We had fun with my favorite theme: Chickens!

Opening Song: Let Everyone Clap Hands with Me (Pete Seeger)
Read-aloud #1: The Most Wonderful Egg in the World by Helme Heine
Storytell: “The Little Red Hen” (used a singing refrain from storyteller Heather Forest’s sound recording Sing Me a Story, children wore headbands and participated)
Read-aloud #2: Chicks and Salsa by Aaron Reynolds
Song: The Barnyard Gate (kids wore headbands and participated in making animal noises)
Read-aloud #3: Hungry Hen by Richard Waring
Storytell: “Chickens!” (based on Priscilla Howe’s audio recording)

We’re still working on figuring out this upcoming year’s storytime schedule! Stay tuned for more details…

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf???

Sometimes (especially during the summer), I get to take my show on the road and present storytimes at schools/daycares and outreach events. It’s kind of fun getting out in the community! This week, I did Wolf Storytimes for Bright Horizons and for the Relay for Life (both in Burbank).

Stories Shared
Book! Book! Book! (Storytold) (Not about wolves…but lead nicely into the next story about wolves and chickens!)
The Wolf’s Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza
The Three Little Pigs (Storytold)
Wolf! by Becky Bloom
Gunniwolf (Storytold)