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Besides doing regular toddler storytimes, I also do programs for grade school children from time to time. These past two weeks, I have run a couple of writing workshops. In these workshops, we tried out a couple of fun writing activities and let our imaginations run wild! I’ve now uploaded some pictures from our events onto my flickr page. So, if you were one of the kids at my workshops and have been wondering where those photos were…they’re up and ready to go! Write On!!!

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  1. Hi,

    This sounds like a fabulous idea. What did you do in the program. Specifically: how did you introduce the topic, what ‘activities’ did you do; how did you motivate the participants? did they create a product?
    I think this is a fantastic idea!


    1. Hi Linda! I’m glad that you’re intrigued by the idea of creative writing workshops for kids! My programs have varied and evolved over the last three years or so. I gear them towards kids who are already motivated to write and emphasize on the publicity that these programs are not meant to teach kids writing (though I am sure that parents would be interested in such programs). But, mainly, I want the programs to be about having fun writing and creating with very limited rules.

      I started out doing programs for grades 4-6 where I would give each kid a blank notebook (from Discount School Supply), and I would have 4 or so writing stations set up that the kids would rotate through. Examples: fill out “about me” surveys, write comic strips, write “found poetry” using magazine word cut-outs, and decorate the cover of your notebook.

      I’ve also done workshops for the younger kids in grades 1-3 where I read “Library Mouse”, had them make their own mini-book and then took a picture of them under a “Meet the Author” sign. We also did a workshop where I read some joke books (including the picture book “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?”) and then we made mini joke books (either writing our own jokes or compiling our favorites from books at the library).

      My latest workshops for the older kids involve putting together newspaper issues. For about an hour, kids write and submit various articles, comics, ads and drawings. (I do have an “assignment” list to give them some ideas.) Staff photocopy the entries and give back the orginals to the participants. Then, we type up or scan the submissions and use Publisher to put together a nice looking newspaper issue that we send out to the kids and also have available at the library for them to look at.

      I’ve been running different workshops about 4 times per year, but I also started sending out monthly newsletters to the kids to give them some links and writing ideas for between our workshops. I will email you a couple samples of my materials. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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