Hickory Dickory Dock…Mice

Nursery Rhyme of the Week:
Hickory Dickory Dock
Hickory Dickory Dock,
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one,
The mouse ran down!
Hickory Dickory Dock.

Books Shared:
Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley
Who Sank the Boat? by Pamela Allen
Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker

Rhymes (Can be found on Toddler Tales Rhymes sheet. Extra copies available at the Library.):
The Quiet Mouse
The Peanut Song
The Animals on the Bus
Ten Little Fingers
If You’re Happy and You Know It

Little Mouse, Little Mouse, Are you in the [insert color] house?

Sandra Boynton’s Rhinoceros Tap
Jim Gill Sings the Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes (Hands Are For Clapping)

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