Story Love I

Ack! I am behind in blog posts! I guess that’s what happens when you’re in the midst of preparing for and starting SUMMER READING!

Last month, I did a couple of Books/Reading/Story Love storytimes. The following is one I did for my ESL family literacy group. The kids range from pre-K to age 8, so that can be challenging to prepare for!

Hope that everyone is having a happy summer so far and is enjoying a good book!

Opening Song: If You Want to Hear a Story

Read-aloud #1: Wolf! by Becky Bloom
Flannel/Storytelling: The Three Little Pigs
Read-aloud #2: Reading Makes You Feel Good by Todd Parr
Song: Let Everyone Clap Hands With Me (from Pete Seeger: American folk, game & activity songs for children)
Read Aloud #3: The Wonderful Book by Leonid Gore
Storytelling: “Book! Book! Book!” (This is a well-loved librarian anecdote about a chicken that comes into the library. One version, “The Well-Read Frog” can be found in Margaret Read MacDonald’s Three Minute Tales.)
“Dancing” Song: “Dancing Scarf Blues” from Carole Peterson: Dancing Feet

Closing Song: We Wave Good-bye Like This

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