So Many Ways to Say Hello

I had an awesome outreach visit last week. I helped out the Literacy Connection by presenting a storytime during one of their family literacy classes held at a local elementary school. Most of the adults are only just learning English… and the kids are still learning, too. So, it was a little bit of a challenge… but they wanted me to present in English to help immerse these families in the language. This group was one of my most active groups ever… EVERYONE (adults, too!) got into it! (The kids ranged from preschool to grade 4.) I am looking forward to future family literacy storytimes.

This “hello” theme was very appropriate for this “first day” of ESL… We even learned how to say “hello” in a bunch of different languages!

Opening Song: If You Want to Hear a Story

Read-aloud #1: Bark, George by Jules Feiffer (Also: use swallowing “dog” puppet with various animal finger puppets inside)
Song (with finger puppets): Old MacDonald
Read-aloud #2: excerpts from Hello World!:Greetings in 42 Languages around the Globe! by Manya Stojic
Read-aloud #3:Say Hello! by Rachel Isadora
Song/Fingerplay: Hands Up High
Song/Fingerplay: Where is Thumbkin?
Read-aloud #4: Hello, Hello! by Miriam Schlein (how animals say hello!)
Flannel: Hi, Harry! by Martin Waddell
Read-aloud #5: Say Hello by Jack and Michael Foreman
Fingerplay: Fun with Hands

Closing Song: We Wave Good-bye Like This

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