Featuring Priscilla Howe

Every month (September-May), librarians in my area unite to share ideas for “Lincoln Story League”. It’s great fun!

This month, I told a favorite story from a favorite storyteller, Priscilla Howe. “Chickens!” is about a pack of siblings who go off to explore an old barn. They take turns testing their bravery and going inside alone. In the barn, there are chickens… with money in their beaks. And a ghost who warns, “I’m the ghost of Charles Dickens, leave the money with the chickens!” The big sister and the big brother freak out and run away… but not the baby. Find out how the baby scares the ghost away!

Watch Priscilla tell this story here.
Purchase her cd Chickens! and Other Stories for Young Children here.

Her other cds include The Ghost with the One Black Eye and The Best (and Worst) of Beasts.
She also has two dvds, The Itsy Bitsy Tiger and Other Ridiculous Stories and Songs and The Bully Billy Goat and Other Stories.

2 thoughts to “Featuring Priscilla Howe”

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out. I learned “Chickens!” from a kid at a library show in Wichita, KS years ago. I then shaped my telling to have the main character be the same baby as in “The ghost with the one black eye.” Those campfire stories are fun to tell, aren’t they?

    1. You’re very welcome, Priscilla! Yes, those campfire stories are very fun… “At Midnight” is another one the kids and I love. I still have to learn “The ghost with the one black eye”! Keep up your fantastic work 🙂

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