Love You, Baby!

Happy early Valentine’s Day, everyone! Be sure to snuggle up with your babies and loved ones 🙂

Love That Baby Bibs to Books Storytime with Jennifer: April 7, 2006


Greet babies with puppy puppet
Opening rhyme: Brown Bear


Song: “Toe Knee Chestnut”
Book: All the Ways I Love You: a Pop-up Book
Song: “Snuggle Puppy”
Have moms hug babies and pet puppy puppet as I go around the room singing
Song (with shakers): “Ducks Like Rain” from Carole Peterson’s H.U.M. All Year Long
Song (with felt pieces): “Five Little Ducks”
Book: Hello, Lulu by Caroline Uff


Rhyme (song): I Love Books

Rhyme: Tick Tock
(played music while playing)

Note: I sang “Clean Up” (Barney-style) while the babies helped clean up books and toys.


Rhyme (song with finger puppet): Flutter, Flutter Butterfly
Closing rhyme: Tickle the Clouds

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