I have a bittersweet announcement to make… next week will be my last week working at the Burbank Public Library. I am inching my way back home to my native Illinois, and I will hopefully be moved there by the end of this summer or early in the fall. It’s been a wonderful privilege to share stories and sing songs with Burbank’s children and to see them grow these last three and a half years. I will miss you all very, very, very much!!! Please come to my final storytimes this week (on Wednesday at BV and Friday at Central) to exchange good-byes. Did I mention that I will miss you?!

I intend to continue posting to this blog. I have some ideas of pages that I could add (including how I format storytimes, favorite preschool books, and fingerplay videos or podcasts). I also have a backlog of some of my preschool and baby storytimes from previous years. I hope to find a new library, bookstore, or school “home” to present storytimes again very soon! (Any Chicago suburb libraries looking for a storyteller? Hehe.) I love storytime!

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