Will You Be My Valentine and Love Me Every Day?

Yes, I’ll be your Valentine! Here’s this year’s Valentine Toddler Storytime…

Stories Shared:
Do You Love Me? by Joost Elffers
Peekaboo Kisses by Barney Saltzberg
Stop Kissing Me! By Ethan Long
Kitty’s Cuddles by Jane Cabrera

Rhymes (Can be found on Toddler Storytime Rhymes Sheet.)
Tony Chestnut
If You’re Wearing Red Today
Where is Thumbkin?
My Eyes Can See
Fun With Hands
If You’re Happy and You Know It

Bonus Song:
Will You Be My Valentine?
(Sing this to the tune of “The Muffin Man”)
Oh, will you be my valentine?
My valentine? My valentine?
Oh, will you be my valentine?
And love me every day?
Oh, yes, I’ll be your valentine,
Your valentine, your valentine.
Oh, yes, I’ll be your valentine,
And love you every day.

Bonus Rhyme (Use with flannel hearts of appropriate colors):
Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?
Valentines, valentines, share them now with me.
I have red ones.
I have orange ones.
I have yellow ones, too.
I have green ones.
I have purple ones.
I have some that are blue.
Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?
Valentines, valentines, count them now with me.

Jim Gill Sings Do Re Mi on his Toe Leg Knee
Greg and Steve’s Kids in Motion (Animal Action)

One thought to “Will You Be My Valentine and Love Me Every Day?”

  1. Dear Miss Jennifer,

    Love your blog! It is bursting with refreshing FUN learning!! Especially love that you are inspiring a child’s JOY of reading!!!

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    Keep up your wonderful dedication to children and early literacy!

    Smiles, Sabrina

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