Snow in California?

Today we brought “snow” to California with a snowy storytime!

FYI: I will be presenting a Pajama Storytime over at Buena Vista next Tuesday night at 7 pm. Wear your pjs and bring your teddy. We’ll be reading stories about love, and we’ll have a movie encore afterwards.

Stories Shared:
Snow by Uri Shulevitz
Snowballs by Lois Ehlert
Frosty the Snowman by Steve Nelson
Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin (Templates here)

Rhymes (Can be found on Toddler Storytime Rhymes Sheet.):
If You’re Wearing Red Today
Where is Thumbkin?
Fun with Hands
Open, Shut Them

Bonus Flannel Rhymes:
Six Little Snowmen
Six little snowmen
All made of snow,
Six little snowmen
Standing in a row.
Out came the sun
And stayed all day.
One little snowman melted away.
Five little snowmen all made of snow.
Five little snowmen standing in a row.
Out came the sun and stayed all day.
One little snowman melted away. (continue)

Cute Little Snowman
A cute little snowman
Had a carrot nose
Along came a bunny,
And what do you suppose?
That hungry little bunny,
Looking for his lunch,
Ate the snowman’s carrot nose,
Nibble, nibble, crunch!

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Jim Gill Sings the Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes (Silly Dance Contest)

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