Five Easy Steps for Sharing Books with Your Toddler

Today, I went over to the Burbank Adult School to talk with parents of two-year-olds. I talked with them about all the wonderful library materials and programs that are available at the library FREE of charge:) I also shared with them Five Easy Steps for Sharing Books with Your Toddler.

Five Easy Steps for Sharing Books With Your Toddler

1. Pick the best time
A time when you and your toddler are in a good mood. Snuggle up and make this a quality time to spend together.

2. Pick a special spot to read
Find a place free from distractions (such as TV, radio or computer) where you and your child can both be comfortable reading together.

3. Show your child the book
Point to the pictures and talk naturally and cheerfully. Talk and have fun. Encourage your child to interact with you and the book.

4. Watch what your child does
Let your toddler play with the book if he wants to and stop for now if he gets upset.

5. Share a book with your toddler everyday
Even just a few minutes a day is important.

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