Summer School Books and Fun

Here are the other books and fillers I presented for this year’s Summer School class visits to the library. Unlike my “Carnivores” theme, I didn’t do the same materials or order for each group; I played around quite a bit, picking and choosing at whim. I did loose “food” and “mail” themes, but I wasn’t strict about staying on-theme. I got to try out books I’ve been wanting to try for a while now, so that was extra fun!

Books I may have shared:
Peter Spit a Seed at Sue by Jackie French Koller
Maria the Matador by Anne Lambelet
How to Feed Your Parents by Ryan Miller
Food Faces by Rudi Sodamin
Delivery Bear by Laura Gehl
It Came in the Mail by Ben Clanton

Fillers I may have used:
Boom Chicka Boom
Herman the Worm
Boo Baby stories (learned from storyteller Priscilla Howe)
Book Book Book (This is a well-loved librarian anecdote about a chicken that comes into the library. One version, “The Well-Read Frog” can be found in Margaret Read MacDonald’s Three Minute Tales.)
various Mad Libs

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