Bark! Meow! Toddler Storytime

Here’s one of my favorite themes: Dogs and Cats!

*Opening: The More We Get Together
*Rhyme: Where is Thumbkin?
Book: Bark, George by Jules Feiffer
Prop: Swallowing “George” Puppy (with finger puppets inside; I put on latex gloves and removed the animals from inside George)
*Rhyme: Old MacDonald
**Flannel: Five Little Cats
Book: What Will Fat Cat Sit On? by Jan Thomas
*Rhyme: Apples
Puppet Story: Who Said Meow? from the book by Maria Polushkin (See librarian Steven Englefried’s YouTube demonstration.)
*Rhyme: Beehive
Dancing Song: “Animal Action” from Greg and Steve’s Kids in Motion
*Closing: We Wave Goodbye

Craft: Dog and Cat popsicle stick puppets

*Rhymes can be found on the August/September 2018 Toddler Rhyme Sheet

**Five Little Cats (Source Unknown)
5 little cats were playing near the door.
One ran away, and that left 4.
4 little cats were underneath a tree.
One heard a dog bark, and that left 3.
3 little cats were wondering what to do.
One chased a butterfly, and that left 2.
2 little cats were sitting in the sun.
One ran to chase his tail, and that left 1.
1 little cat was looking for some fun.
He heard his mommy calling… and now there are none!

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