I Know a Chicken!

I had SO MUC0-698-11374-8H FUN at storytime today! I really need to start thinking about finding a steady storytime home. Today, we did one of my favorite themes: Chickens!

Opening Song: If You Want to Hear a Story

Read-aloud #1 (Big Book): Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins
*Fingerplay: Beehive
Storytelling (with puppets): “Book! Book! Book!” (This is a well-loved librarian anecdote about a chicken that comes into the library. One version, “The Well-Read Frog” can be found in Margaret Read MacDonald’s Three Minute Tales.)
Read-aloud #2: The Wolf’s Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza
Flannel: The Little Red Hen (I used a singing refrain from storyteller Heather Forest’s sound recording Sing Me a Story.)
**Fingerplay: Chook-Chook-Chook
Read-aloud #3: Most Wonderful Egg in the World by Helme Heine
Dancing Song (with shakers!): “I Know a Chicken” from Laurie Berkner’s Whaddaya Think of That?


Closing Song: We Wave Good-bye Like This

*The Beehive
Here is a beehive
(Make a fist.)
Where are the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees.
Watch as they come out of their hive—
One, two, three, four, five,
(Extend fingers one at a time.)
They’re alive! Buzzzzzz!
(Wiggle your fingers.)

Chook, chook, chook
Good morning, Mrs. Hen. (Hold up both thumbs)
How many chickens have you got?
Madam, I’ve got ten. (Show ten fingers)
Four of them are yellow. (Show four fingers on one hand)
And four of them are brown (Show four fingers on the other hand)
And two of them are speckled red (Show two fingers)
The nicest in the town.

MY NEXT STORYTIME: Wednesday, June 29, 10:30 am @ Rakow Branch Library in Elgin

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